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2012 Artist Profile: Jennifer Johansson

Saturday, 12 May 2012 08:55

Jennifer Johansson Mixed Media



My husband and I recently moved to Southern Illinois from Rockford, Illinois (Northern Illinois) and we just love it! We are in love with the beautiful, natural surroundings, wineries, and rich culture of the region.

I have been working professionally as an artist for the last six years and was able to make the jump to full time artist when we moved here, about 6 months ago.

I consider myself to be a mixed media artist, with pen and paper my primary medium.I am interested in utilizing unconventional art materials to form comfortable, rich looking environments. Paper functions as the “paint” of my current work. It is intricately cut and adhered to the support, then embellished with drawing.  My preferred drawing implement at the moment is a Bic ballpoint pen. I love the range of values and marks that can be made with such a pedestrian implement. There are several principles that seem to organize and define my work – applied pattern, strong use of line, and an emphasis on the horizontal and vertical.

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