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2016 will be our sixth year of the "fresh start" for the Lower Town Arts & Music Festival. In earlier years the City of Paducah has been the promoter and organizer of this festival, calling on various members of the community at large for support and contribution. Working from these foundations, this year the festival will be organized and promoted by the Greater Paducah Sustainability Project and by the Artists themselves.

This year we will continue to bring this new energy to the project, bringing a broad Regional Richness that includes the best of all the Arts that Western Kentucky and Paducah can offer... Thanks for your participation!

The Purpose (Mission)

  • To Create a Regional awareness of Paducah as a cultural center for the arts and artists
  • To encourage a local perception that Lower Town is an accessible retail environment for all sorts of consumers throughout the year.
  • To Cross promote the Arts with local commercial contributors.
  • To create an opportunity to contribute to Non-Profit organizations in the area.
  • To have some fun with our friends and neighbors.

Scope and Quality of the Festival

The Festival occurs in the neighborhood known as Lower Town. The neighborhood, as defined by the city, extends from Third street to Ninth street; from Jefferson to Park... the boundaries of the festival are slightly smaller including Sixth and Seventh Streets from Monroe to Harrison, with the president streets 'gatewayed' at Fifth and Eighth Streets. While the physical boundaries of the festival are defined by requirements involving the service of alcoholic beverages, the classification of roads as county highways, and other mysteries too arcane to fathom, there are quite a few of the prominent Artists and Galleries that Fall outside these festival boundaries.

Part of the Festival plan includes focusing attention not only on the 'street' action- but also actively promoting visits to each of the Artist/Art locations throughout the district.

Because the long term goals of both the City and the District include it's identification as an arts destination now and especially in the future, there will be a special emphasis on the quality of every aspect of the festival.

All of the Artists will be juried and so will all of the food vendors and other performers as well. The general thinking is that even if we start small, if we start with a superior experience then returning folks will bring their friends. If we have a wonderful product it will continue to attract more of that kind of attention and will grow appropriately... plant good seeds...

Project Challenges

We all hear about "this economy" every day... One of our challenges for this year, and probably every year as we continue, will be the acquisition of good community partners who will bring to the mix a combination of Financial strength, Promotional stamina, Social networking and Community Support and involvement.

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Some things you want to know before you arrive at the Festival:

  1. There should be plenty of street parking available around the Festival or you can use the Paducah Bank lot (between Monroe and Harrison at 6th Street)!
  2. STREETS ARE CLOSED to traffic at the Festival from noon on Thursday, May 12th, until 11pm on Saturday, May 14th.
  3. ALL DOGS MUST BE MUZZLED AND LEASHED, per city ordinance. unfortunately, you and your dog will be turned away if you can't comply. We know this is unpopular but other festivals ban dogs altogether.
  4. There will be a lot of different food options at the festival- some of the best loved restaurants in town will be there- so make a day of it... you can have Lunch, Dinner and Dessert in completely different places all on the same block!
  5. INFORMATION and Festival 'swag' will be at the Texaco Station... make that your first stop if you have any questions or needs... This is our neighborhood and we want you to feel at home!
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Thanks for your interest in the Festival. We aim to be "the greatest little Festival around" and hope you put a big red circle around the dates on your calendar every year! Come on down to Lower Town every spring to participate in the Festival and enjoy Art, Music, Food and Fun!



Performances at the Festival PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 26 September 2014 13:08

Every year we schedule a variety of performances that enliven the Festival with theater, dance, comedy and other street antics. Our mission is to provide as complete an experience of the arts of our region and these elements are a vital part.

This year's Festival will be no different. We will provide a variety of events during the Festival that highlight our region's richness of performance and artistic experience. Here is what's on tap for 2016:

Balcony Theater

The Paducah Improv will once again provide performances from balconies on the houses in Lower Town. Every year these spontaneous performances draw crowds to see what unexpected joys might happen.

Clay Derby

Instead of Top Potter the PSAD will host four ceramics artists who will create works at the intersection of 6th and Madison, Saturday 11-2pm. You can observe these artists as they create ceramic wonders and you might even get a "hands on" experience with clay.

Marbling Demo

Charlotte and Ike Irwin will have an open air marbling workshop at their home/studio Working Artist, corner of 8th and Madison. Take your kids over and enjoy the fun as they show you how to do this wonderful process. Daylight hours on Friday and Saturday during the Festival.

Drum Making

Drum making will be demonstrated Saturday, May 14 from 11 a.m. to 12 noon. Rattle making will be shown at 2 p.m. and decorating a rattle at 3 p.m. in the AromaSounds classroom of Integrative Medicine of Kentucky, 233 N. 7th Street, Paducah KY. The AromaSounds classroom entrance is on the Monroe Street side of the building.

It's all for fun and it's all for you to enjoy this year at the Festival


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