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Josh Coffee Fiddle Workshop

Sunday, 01 May 2016 17:40

Children's Tent

Josh Coffee's Fiddle Workshop

Josh Coffey is a composer, produceer, multi-instrumentalist and music educator from western Kentucky. Incredibly varied in his musical aptitude, Coffey is easily at home in orchestral settings, string quartets, string bands, jazz ensembles and rock-based bands. You might find him performing in theaters, at bluegrass & folk festivals, on the country western stage, in rockabilly honky tonks or on paddlewheel riverboats. Not being tethered to any specific genre keeps Coffey a versatile and competent musician in almost any application.

Josh will be conducting a fiddle workshop in the Children's Tent, Saturday May 14th at 1:45pm. This is sure to be an experience not to be missed. If you have a young one interested in playing the fiddle or just inclined to try, bring them by!


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